Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Subscribe today to USI's Priority Access Program to tap into our staff of embedded specialists who can assist you with isolated problems that may be bringing your project to a screeching halt. Please read our PAP Program Policies for more information about the support programs we offer, or call one of our knowledgable sales staff toll free at 866.455.3383     

USI offers various levels of technical support for the products you have purchased. Please fill out our on-line Support Request Form or send an email to our support team to obtain either email or phone support, depending on your level of support purchased with your product. Please include any other information that you feel would be pertinent to hlep up understand the issue you are having. For Abatron BDI users, please be sure to include a copy of you configuration file (.cfg) as this is helpful in understadning the problem that you are having.

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