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  • KB00010 - BDI2000/3000 - Pass Through JTAG Scan Chain

    Can the Abatron BDI2000 or BDI3000 be attached to a board that has a JTAG scan chain?
    In other words, our board will have a PowerPC and may have some other JTAG-capable devices that are all hooked up to the same scan chain and accessed through one JTAG header.  This will be used for boundary scan in functional test but we'd like to use the same header for debugging with the BDI emulator.

    The BDI probes have no problem passing thru various devices you may have on your JTAG scan chain to get to your embedded CPU with most frimware options available.  This is a common issue that we run into all the time and we've never had a problem as long as your JTAG design is clean.  For more information, you can review Abatron User's Manual specific to the Firmware you are using.

    The latest release of bdiGDB-PPC6xx/7xx/74xx/82xx is one set of firmware that is able to handle additional devices on the JTAG scan chain.  The Maximum is 8 device before the target CPU and 8 after. It is important to note that users can only debug one PPC at a time.  There is no real multi-core debugging like what is available for the ARM7/9, ARM11-Cortex, PPC4xx & MIPS64.
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  • KB00118 - Define Core Status/PlatformStatus/SAP Status

    #define JTAG_REQUIREMENT        0x01
    #define CORE_STOPPED                0x04
    #define CORE_HALTED                  0x08
    #define CORE_ABIST_FAIL            0x10
    #define CORE_ABIST_BUSY           0x20
    #define CORE_SVC_BUS_DONE     0x40
    #define CORE_SVC_BUS_FAIL       0x80

    #define SAP_STOPPED                   0x81
    #define SAP_READ_UNDERFLOW  0x41
    #define SAP_WRITE_OVERFLOW  0x21
    #define SAP_CORRUPT_READ       0x11
    #define SAP_READ_READY            0x09
    #define SAP_VALID_STATUS          0x05

    #define PLAT_STOPPED                  0x04
    #define PLAT_RUNN_DONE            0x08
    #define PLAT_SVC_DONE               0x10
    #define PLAT_SVC_FAIL                 0x20
    #define PLAT_MBIST_RUNNING     0x40
    #define PLAT_MBIST_DONE           0x80
    #define PLAT_MBIST_FAILED         0xC0

    Note:  don't know the exact meaning of each bit.  We are mainly interested in the CORE_HALTED bit.
    The LSB is always set, this a JTAG requirement.

    A Core status of 0x0041 simply means that it has not entered debug mode. Maybe the core has not even started because of some missing clocks or other causes that prevents it from booting.
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  • KB00138 - BDI2000/3000 Low Level JTAG Commands to analyze your JTAG Scan Chain

    I need to by pass a device that is in my JTAG scan chain to get to my CPU.  Does the BDI probe allow me to do this?

    Yes.  From the BDI prompt, use the low level "JTAG" command to investigate the JTAG scan chain:

    BDI> jtag
    JTAG> xir 32 ffffffff
    JTAG> xdr 32 00010000

    This will tell us how many devices are on the scan chain and hopefully also the IR size of the device(s).

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  • KB00159 - Problems connecting BDI to Broadcom's XLP2 CPU


    I am using my BDI2000/3000 to target a Broadcom XLP432 CPU and I am having problems targeting my new XLP2 (XLP764, single chip version of the XLP2 with 64 threads).  I am able to put the target to debug mode using the original configuration file Abatron provides and apply a hardware reset.

    However, it was just a partial success.  The North Bridge, on bus0, looked fine but everything else was just 0xffffffff.




    This is a bug in the Silicon.  Apparently, you need to write to a special register before you can see all the other devices on the secondary bus.  What I did was "mmw 0x18000124 0x100". That did the magic.




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