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  • KB00063 - Common setup problems

    The BDI setup utility has been run on countless Windows and Linux systems and works well in all of them. There are no known issues with the setup utility that may cause the connection to be refused. If you are having problems connecting you should check and see if your environment is setup correctly.

    1. Make sure you have the cabling attached securely.

    2. Please make sure you are using the serial cable provided to you by Ultimate Solutions as the serial cable is not necessarily a pass thru serial cable and programming of the firmware may fail or the connection may not work.

    3. Make sure are using the right COM port.

    4. Make sure you have no conflict on the COM port.

    5. Make sure you don't have a terminal monitor tying up the com port in any way, quit HyperTerminal or minicom if it is open.

    6. Make sure the Target JTAG cable or the Ethernet cable is not connected to the BDI as it can interfere with the serial port.

    7. If you have defined SIO in the config file then connecting to the Setup Utility will fail. Disable this feature in the config file or disconnect from the LAN, then reboot the BDI.

    8. Check the BDI LED codes to make sure the BDI is operating correctly.  (See Related KB00022).
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  • KB00022 - BDI2000/3000 The BDI Mode LED keeps blinking or stays on

    If the BDI mode LED keeps blinking or stays on, how do I resolve this problem?

    When the BDI mode (Red) LED is blinking once per second, it means that you do not have firmware loaded on your BDI.  If it blinks at a faster rate of about 3 times per second, it means the init jumper is in the init position and is set to clear the firmware logic in the BDI (See the BDI User's Manual for more details). A solid mode LED indicates that the power supply is malfunctioning or it is not at the right power level.
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  • KB00024 - BDI2000/3000 Why can't I ping my BDI probe on my network?

    Why am I unable to ping my BDI2000/3000 probe on my network?

    Check the BDI error codes to see if your BDI is working properly.  (See KB00022 for more details)

    1. Disconnect the BDI and ping the IP address, make sure no other device is using that IP

    2. Make sure the Subnet mask assigned to the BDI is reachable. The way to ensure this is to assign the BDI an IP address number ending with a valid number incremented from the one you have on your PC. If your PC's IP is then assign the BDI an IP of

    3. As a test remove a computer that already has an IP address from the network and put the BDI into the Network using the replaced computer’s IP.

    4. Network administrators can lock the IP address to the MAC address and block foreign devices form getting on the network. Please check with your network admin to see if this is the case.  Note that the MAC ID matches the first six (6) digits of the BDI serial #.  (Refer to silver label on BDI hardware)

    5. The BDI2000 is 10-BaseT only and a lot of new routers block 10-BaseT packets; make sure the routers and switches on your network are set to "AUTO" sense.

    6. Connect the PC and BDI together using a router or switch that is not networked, then statically assign the IP address to your computer and configure the BDI IP address; see if communication is possible.

    7. Use a cross-over cable and directly connect to a PC and see if you can communicate with the BDI. You have to assign a static IP address onto your PC because now DHCP is not available. A cross-over cable or adapter is included with the BDI Cable Kit # 20301K for the BDI2000 or 60301K for the BDI3000.
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  • KB00025 - BDI2000/3000 What is the RS-232 serial port used for on the BDI

    What is the RS-232 serial port used for on the BDI1000/2000/3000?

    If you have bdiGDB and bdiWind firmware loaded, Users can only use Ethernet to access the Telnet interface (BDI CLI). The RS-232 serial interface is only used for the initial setup of the BDI Probe.

    For the other firmware families (bdiSCI, bdiCW, bdiRDI, bdiPro, bdiAccess) users can connect to various 3rd party debuggers via Ethernet or via the RS-232 Serial port on the BDI probe.
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  • KB00029 - BDI2000/3000 Installing BDI firmware on a host running Linux

    I need to install my Abatron bdiGDB firmware for a Linux host and the software appears to be based on a Windows host. How do I install the firmware on a host running Linux?

    When running on a Windows host, the setup utility "B20XXXGD.exe" (for BDI2000), "B30XXXGD.exe (for BDI3000) is provided to configure the BDI.  If you are using a Linux host, you must "build" the setup utility from the provided source files "".

    Note:  XXX.exe where XXX is the CPU.  For example ARM would be "B20ARMGD.exe" for the BDI2000 or B30ARMGD.EXE for the BDI3000.
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  • KB00030 - BDI2000/3000 Is DHCP supported on the BDI2000/3000

    Can I use DHCP to connect my BDI2000/3000 to my network?

    No - You must give the BDI probe a static IP address.  Depending on your environment, this may be something your IT department may need to assign for you.  Be sure the Subnet Mask you assign to the BDI mathes the Subnet Mask of the host computer you intend to use to communicate with the BDI.
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  • KB00150 - How do I upgrade the personality of my BDI to target a new CPU Type?


    I would like to convert my BDI probe to go from one CPU Type to another.  How can I do this?


      The BDI2000/3000 supports a wide variety of CPU types.  To move from one family of CPUs to another, you need to be sure you have a valid software license specific to the CPU type you intend to target.  In addition, you will need the correct target cable that goes from the BDI probe to the target board.  Contact your USI Sales Representative for pricing and availablity.

    Once you have the proper firmware and target cable, refer to your BDI User's Manual for details instructions on how to perform the upgrade.  If your BDI2000/3000 already has a valid Static IP address that you have permission to access, you can refer to KB Article # KB00151 on how to upgrade your firmware using your existing "NETWORK" connection.

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  • KB00151 - Can I use my network connection to upgrade my BDI firmware?


    I have a BDI2000/3000 connected to my network using a static IP Address.  Can I upgrade my firmware using this connection or do I need to attach the serial cable and upgrade via a COMM PORT connection?


    If your BDI2000/3000 already has a valid Static IP address on your network, you can upgrade your firmware using the TCPIP connection.  Simply open a BDI (Telnet) window and from the BDI> prompt, type "Boot Loader" to put the probe into the correct mode.

    You should now see the RED MODE light blinking which indicates the BDI is in Boot Loader Mode.

    -In your BDI2000 or BDI3000 directory, look for a file that starts with B20 for BDI2000 or B30 for BDI3000 and ends with the .exe extension.  In the case of the BDI3000 with bdiGDB-ARM7/9, the file name reads "B30armgd.exe"

    -From a Windows host, launch the .exe and from the top Pull Down menu, select "NETWORK" and press "Connect"
    Note - You may need to curser up to see the "NETWORK" option in the GUI as the display only tends to show the COMM port options.

    -Once you've established a connection, the GUI should display the Serial # of the BDI probe.  Now you can Upgrade your firmware using the GUI options available to you below.

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