Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Bootbits Embedded Linux BSP Program





       Bootbits, Inc.
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Launching new hardware for an embedded solution can    
be a very time consuming task. Our Emedded Linux BSP services
will help you shorten your time to market and allow you
to focus on the competetive aspects of your hardware.

At Bootbits we understand your time is very valuable during a
product bring up. Our Embedded Linux BSP program is designed to free
you from tedious Linux porting issues and will enable you to focus
on the differentiating features of your product.

Our Embedded Linux BSP program provides the following components :

- Recent Linux 2.6 kernel ported to your target platform
- Set of applications in root file system for standard connectivity.
- Porting of available open source drivers
- 3 months free updates and support after delivery
- Excellent value for the price

We have seen many customers spending weeks, if not months,
of their valuable development time  fixing Linux porting
issues.  These interruptions have resulted in delivery schedule delays.

Bootbits, with the new Linux BSP offering has the right solution for you.
By taking care of the porting process, your target platform will run a
modern, recent Linux kernel enhancing the stability of your solution.

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Embedded Linux BSP Program                                                                                                                       




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