Friday, August 18, 2017
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STx'a new jPOD is a LINUX HOSTED PowerPC JTAG debugger supporting the latest microprocessors from NXP/Freescale.

jPOD3000 JTAG POwer Debugger

The jPOD POwer Debugger is an enhanced GNU Debugger (GDB) for NXP (Freescale) 32 and 64-bit CPU based targets using JTAG, COP, OnCE, or BDM. It connects to the host computer by Ethernet. Debug cables provide a physical and electrical interface to the target processor.

Key Features

Auto-update system (to support new CPUs & CPU features)
Source level debugging with GDB via BDM/JTAG interface
Allows debug code on cache, ROM, RAM and FLASH memory
Remote network debugging (GDB proxy)
Built in on-board programming of popular flash memories
Additional debug and control commands
Supports Linux hosts
Supports 10/100 Ethernet network connection
Supports USB 2.0 high-speed connection
USB Powered
3 years hardware warranty and 1 year software warranty support

Supported Target Families


 Processor Family Part Number  
 MPC5xx/8xx  USI37-3104
 MPC55xx  USI37-3106
 MPC7400/7410/MGT5100?MPC83xx  USI37-3108
 MPC744x/745x/86xx  USI37-3110
 MPC85xx/P10xx/P2020  USI37-3112
 QorIQ P3/P4/P5/T-Series  USI37-3113
 ARM7/9/9e  USI37-3114
 ARM11/Cortex-A8/M3  USI37-3116



jPOD3000 JTAG Power Debugger USI Part Number Price
jPOD3000 JTAG Debugger & US Power Supply - ALL USI37-3000 $2600






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