Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Abatron Target Cables

Abatron Target Cables
Part Number Description BDI
90000 Target Cable for HC12 BDI1000 Drawing
90010 Target Cable for CU16/32 & MPC5xx/8xx BDI1000/2000/3000 Drawing
90020 Target Cable for PowerPC PPC4xx/6xx/7xx/82xx BDI1000/2000/3000 Drawing
90025 Target Cable for MPC55xx BDI2000/3000 Drawing
90030 Target Cable for ColdFire BDI1000 Drawing
90032 Target Cable for ColdFire BDI2000/3000 Drawing
90040 Target Cable for M-Core BDI1000/2000 N/A
90050 Target Cable for ARM, 14-pin BDI1000/2000/3000 Drawing
90051 Target Cable for ARM, 20-pin Multi-ICE BDI1000/2000/3000 Drawing
90052 Target Cable for ARM, 20-pin Multi-ICE for Adaptive Clocking BDI1000/2000/3000 Drawing
90053 Target Cable for ARM, TI 14-pin, Adaptive Clocking BDI1000/2000/3000 Drawing
90054 Target Cable for Cortex Serial Wire BDI2000/3000 Drawing
90070 Target Cable for IDT RC32300 BDI1000/2000/3000 N/A
90075 Target Cable for MIPS32, EJTAG 2.5 BDI2000/3000 Drawing
90080 TI Target Adapter (Converts 20-pin TI compact connector to the 20-pin ARM multi-ICE)
Mates with Samtec's FTR-110 Series with .05" x .100" spacing
BDI2000/3000 Drawing
90085 Cortex Adapter (incl. 10-pin & 20-pin target cables)
Mates with Samtec's FTSH-110 (20 Pin) or FTSH-105 (10 Pin) Series with .05" x .05" spacing


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