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Abatron bdiAccess

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Library for BDI Family

The bdiAccess library (delivered as Windows DLL & Unix/Linux source) lets you use BDI functions for CPU12, CPU32/32+, PowerPC, ColdFire, M-CORE, ARM7/9TDMI, XScale and MIPS32 from within your own applications running on Windows or Unix/Linux hosts. This is an excellent way to automatically test and program your hardware during the production process. bdiAccess is available for the BDI1000, BD2000 and BDI3000.



  • Read and write memory and register in target system
  • Program (from S-Record) and rease flash memories in target system
  • Load S-Record file on target system
  • Start a program in target system
  • Reset target system
  • 3 year hardware warranty

    As of April 15, 2008, the BDI2000 hardware is no longer available for bdiAccess. Abatron will continue to support the BDI2000 with software updates and technical support. In addition, any new CPU support or enhancements that are added to the BDI3000 firmware will also be added to the BDI2000 firmware.

Supported Target Families

  • CPU12 (BDI1000 Only)
  • CPU16/32/CPU32+ (not supported with BDI3000)
  • MPC5xx/8xx
  • MPC55xx (Nexus Class 1, no VLE support)
  • PPC6xx/7xx, MPC82xx, MPC83xx, MPC7400/7410, MGT5100, MPC5200 (not supported with BDI1000)
  • MPC85xx (not supported with BDI1000)
  • MPC85xx (not supported with BDI1000)
  • PPC4xx (405EP, 405EX, 405EXr, 405EZ, 405GP, 405GPr, 440EP, 440EPx, 440GP, 440GR, 440GRx, 440GX, 440SP, 440SPe, 460GT, 460EX, Xilinx Virtex-II Pro, Xiliz Virtex-4)
  • ColdFire (MCF5204, MCF5206(e) and MCF5272 are not supported with BDI3000)
  • M-CORE (not supported with BDI3000)
  • ARM (ARM7TDMI, ARM710T, ARM720T, ARM740T, ARM9TDMI, ARM920T, ARM922T, ARM940T, TI925T, ARM9E, ARM926E, ARM946E, ARM966E)
  • ARM11 (not supported with BDI1000) ARM1136
  • XScale (IOP310, IOP321, PXA210, PXA250, PXA255, IXP25, IXP2400, IXP2800)
  • MIPS32 (Not supported with BDI1000) (4K, 4KE, 24K, IDT RC323xx, IDT RC324xx, AU1xxx)



Please contact us for availability or for specific CPU support


BDI Products Available

BDI3000 & bdiAccess Bundles
Price for Bundles below $2030

Part Number BDM/JTAG Interface Software
USI07-60202 BDI3000 bdiAccess--PPC4xx
USI07-60204 BDI3000 bdiAccess-MPC5xx/8xx
USI07-60206 BDI3000 bdiAccess-MPC55xx
USI07-60208 BDI3000 bdiAccess-PPC6xx/7xx/82xx/83xx/7400/7410/5200 Buy Now
USI07-60210 BDI3000 bdiAccess-MPC744x/745x/86xx Buy Now
USI07-60212 BDI3000 bdiAccess-MPC85xx Buy Now
USI07-60214 BDI3000 bdiAccess-ARM7/9/9E Buy Now
USI07-60216 BDI3000 bdiAccess-ARM11/Cortex-A8/M3 Buy Now
USI07-60218 BDI3000 bdiAccess-XScale Buy Now
USI07-60220 BDI3000 bdiAccess-ColdFire Buy Now
USI07-60222 BDI3000 bdiAccess-MIPS32 Buy Now

bdiAccess Firmware Only for BDI3000
Price for Firmware below $430

Part Number Software For Interface Software
USI07-61202 BDI3000 bdiAccess-PPC4xx
USI07-61204 BDI3000 bdiAccess-MPC5xx/8xx
USI07-61206 BDI3000 bdiAccess-MPC55xx
USI07-61208 BDI3000 bdiAccess-PPC6xx/7xx/82xx/83xx/7400/7410/5200 Buy Now
USI07-61210 BDI3000 bdiAccess-MPC744x/745x/86xx Buy Now
USI07-61212 BDI3000 bdiAccess-MPC85xx Buy Now
USI07-61214 BDI3000 bdiAccess-ARM7/9/9E Buy Now
USI07-61216 BDI3000 bdiAccess-ARM11/Cortex-A8/M3 Buy Now
USI07-61218 BDI3000 bdiAccess-XScale Buy Now
USI07-61220 BDI3000 bdiAccess-ColdFire Buy Now
USI07-61222 BDI3000 bdiAccess-MIPS32 Buy Now

bdiAccess Firmware Only for BDI2000
Price for Firmware below $430

Part Number Software For Interface Software
USI07-200303 BDI2000 bdiAccess-CPU16/32/32+
USI07-200353 BDI2000 bdiAccess-MPC5xx/8xx
USI07-202553 BDI2000 bdiAccess-PPC6xx/7xx/82xx/83xx/7400/7410/5200
USI07-203153 BDI2000 bdiAccess-MPC744x/745x/86xx
USI07-203253 BDI2000 bdiAccess-MPC85xx
USI07-202953 BDI2000 bdiAccess-PPC4xx
USI07-202353 BDI2000 bdiAccess-ColdFire
USI07-200403 BDI2000 bdiAccess-M-CORE
USI07-202453 BDI2000 bdiAccess-ARM7/9/9E
USI07-202463 BDI2000 bdiAccess-ARM11/Cortex-A8/M3
USI07-203103 BDI2000 bdiAccess-XScale Buy Now
USI07-203203 BDI2000 bdiAccess-MIPS32 Buy Now
USI07-203303 BDI2000 bdiAccess-MPC55xx Buy Now
USI07-202463 BDI2000 bdiAccess-ARM11/Cortex-A8/M3 Buy Now

BDI1000 & bdiAccess Bundles
Price for Bundles below $ 1290

Part Number BDM/JTAG Interface Software
USI07-30263 BDI1000 bdiAccess-CPU12
USI07-30260 BDI1000 bdiAccess-CPU16/32/32+
USI07-30261 BDI1000 bdiAccess-MPC5xx/8xx
USI07-30283 BDI1000 bdiAccess-PPC4xx
USI07-30262 BDI1000 bdiAccess-ColdFire
USI07-30266 BDI1000 bdiAccess-M-CORE
USI07-30264 BDI1000 bdiAccess-ARM7/9/9E
USI07-30267 BDI1000 bdiAccess-XScale

bdiAccess Firmware Only for BDI1000
Price for Firmware below $430

Part Number
Software For Interface Software
USI07-202404 BDI1000 bdiAccess-CPU12
USI07-200304 BDI1000 bdiAccess-CPU16/32/32+
USI07-200354 BDI1000 bdiAccess-MPC5xx/8xx
USI07-202954 BDI1000 bdiAccess-PPC4xx
USI07-202354 BDI1000 bdiAccess-ColdFire
USI07-200404 BDI1000 bdiAccess-M-CORE
USI07-202454 BDI1000 bdiAccess-ARM7/9/9E
USI07-203104 BDI1000 bdiAccess-XScale

Additional Information

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10 Clever Drive
Tewksbury, MA 01876 USA
Phone: 978.455.3383
Fax: 978.926.3091
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