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Abatron bdiPro

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High-speed Flash Memory on-board Programming

The bdiPro is a powerful software package, allowing on-board programming with Abatron's BDM/JTAG Interfaces; BDI1000, BDI2000 and BDI3000. bdiPro eliminates the inefficient, individual chip programming, particularly for surface-mounted designs. The programmed memories can be soldered to the printed circuit board and programmed sumultaneously on a just-in-time basis. The Windows based user interface offers easy operation and several advantages for on-board programming.



  • High-speed flash memory on-board programming via BDM/JTAG interface
  • Programs all popular flash memories
  • Host access via RS232 (up to 115 Kbaud) or Ethernet (10/100 Mbits/s)
  • Configurable program sequences for target system initialization
  • 8, 16, 32 and 64 bit programming modes
  • Load and edit memory image
  • Calculation of checksum
  • Memory dump and verify functions
  • Store and recall user defined program sets
  • bdiPro for HC12 supports batch programming of internal flash memory (Suitable for automatic production)
  • Windows based user interface offers easy operation
  • 3 years hardware warranty

    As of April 15, 2008, the BDI2000 hardware is no longer available for bdiPro. Abatron will continue to support the BDI2000 with software updates and technical support. In addition, any new CPU support or enhancements that are added to the BDI3000 firmware will also be added to the BDI2000 firmware.

Programming Speed with BDI1000 & BDI2000

Target Confguration BDI1000 (Kbytes/s) BDI2000 (Kbytes/s)
AMD 29F040 x 32 bit / MPC860 @ 50 MHz
AMD 29F016 x 32 bit/MPC68360 @ 25 Mhz
LH 28F016 x 32 bit / MPC8260 @ 40 MHz
HC12 Internal Flash/HC9S12DP256 @ 25 Mhz
AT49BV1614 z 16 bit / AT91R40008 @ 66 MHz

Programming Speed with BDI3000

Target CPU Flash JTAG Clock Kbytes/s
MPC8349E MDS I28F640J3
32 MHz
EVKIT 405EP AM29LV160DB / 16 bit
32 MHz
M5329EVB I28F160C3 / 16 bit
16 MHz
PXA250 I28F128J3 / 32 bit
32 MHz
ARM7TDMI SST39VF400 / 16 bit
32 MHz
MPC8560ADS I28F640J3 / 32 bit
32 MHz
MPC8260FADS LH28F016 / 32 bit
32 MHz
DB1100 (MIPS32) AM29LV640MH/L/32 bit
32 MHz

Supported Target Families

  • CPU12 (BDI1000 Only)
  • CPU16/32/CPU32+ (not supported with BDI3000)
  • MPC5xx/8xx
  • PPC6xx/7xx, MPC82xx, MPC83xx, MPC7400/7410, MGT5100, MPC5200 (not supported with BDI1000)
  • MPC85xx (not supported with BDI1000)
  • PPC4xx (405EP, 405EX, 405EXr, 405EZ, 405GP, 405GPr, 440EP, 440EPx, 440GP, 440GR, 440GRx, 440GX, 440SP, 440SPe, 460GT, 460EX, Xilinx Virtex-II Pro, Xiliz Virtex-4)
  • ColdFire (MCF5204, MCF5206(e) and MCF5272 are not supported with BDI3000)
  • M-CORE (not supported with BDI3000)
  • ARM (ARM7TDMI, ARM710T, ARM720T, ARM740T, ARM9TDMI, ARM920T, ARM922T, ARM940T, TI925T, ARM9E, ARM926E, ARM946E, ARM966E)
  • XScale (IOP310, IOP321, PXA210, PXA250, PXA255, IXP25, IXP2400, IXP2800)
  • MIPS32 (Not supported with BDI1000) (4K, 4KE, 24K, IDT RC323xx, IDT RC324xx, AU1xxx)



Please contact us for availability or for specific CPU support


BDI Products Available

BDI3000 & bdiPro Bundles
Price for Bundles below $ 2600

Part Number BDM/JTAG Interface Software
USI07-60102 BDI3000 bdiPro-PPC4xx
USI07-60104 BDI3000 bdiPro-MPC5xx/8xx
USI07-60108 BDI3000 bdiPro-PPC6xx/7xx/82xx/83xx/7400/7410/5200
USI07-60112 BDI3000 bdiPro-MPC85xx
USI07-60114 BDI3000 bdiProARM7/9/9E
USI07-60118 BDI3000 bdiPro-XScale
USI07-60120 BDI3000 bdiPro-ColdFire
USI07-60122 BDI3000 bdiPro-MIPS32

bdiPro Firmware Only for BDI3000
Price for Firmware below $1000

Part Number Software For Interface Software
USI07-61102 BDI3000 bdiPro-PPC4xx
USI07-61104 BDI3000 bdiPro-MPC5xx/8xx
USI07-61108 BDI3000 bdiPro-PPC6xx/7xx/82xx/83xx/7400/7410/5200
USI07-61112 BDI3000 bdiPro-MPC85xx
USI07-61114 BDI3000 bdiProARM7/9/9E
USI07-61118 BDI3000 bdiPro-XScale
USI07-61120 BDI3000 bdiPro-ColdFire
USI07-61122 BDI3000 bdiPro-MIPS32

bdiPro Firmware Only for BDI2000
Price for Firmware below $1000

Part Number Software For Interface Software
USI07-200103 BDI2000 bdiPro-CPU16/32/32+
USI07-200153 BDI2000 bdiPro-MPC5xx/8xx
USI07-201703 BDI2000 bdiPro-PPC6xx/7xx/82xx/83xx/7400/7410/5200
USI07-200223 BDI2000 bdiPro-MPC744x/745x/86xx
USI07-200243 BDI2000 bdiPro-MPC85xx
USI07-201853 BDI2000 bdiPro-PPC4xx
USI07-202303 BDI2000 bdiPro-ColdFire
USI07-200503 BDI2000 bdiPro-M-CORE
USI07-201503 BDI2000 bdiPro-ARM7/9/9E
USI07-200203 BDI2000 bdiPro-XScale
USI07-203213 BDI2000 bdiPRO-MIPS32

BDI1000 & bdiPro Bundles
Price for Bundles below $1860

Part Number BDM/JTAG Interface Software
USI07-30271 BDI1000 bdiPro-CPU12
USI07-30270 BDI1000 bdiPro-CPU16/32/32+
USI07-30272 BDI1000 bdiPro-MPC5xx/8xx
USI07-30281 BDI1000 bdiPro-PPC4xx
USI07-30274 BDI1000 bdiPro-ColdFire
USI07-30273 BDI1000 bdiPro-M-CORE
USI07-30275 BDI1000 bdiPro-ARM7/9/9E
USI07-30228 BDI1000 bdiPro-XScale

bdiPro Firmware Only for BDI1000
Price for Firmware below $1000

Part Number Software For Interface Software
USI07-200254 BDI1000 bdiPro-CPU12
USI07-200104 BDI1000 bdiPro-CPU16/32/32+
USI07-200154 BDI1000 bdiPro-MPC5xx/8xx
USI07-201854 BDI1000 bdiPro-PPC4xx
USI07-202304 BDI1000 bdiPro-ColdFire
USI07-200504 BDI1000 bdiPro-M-CORE
USI07-201504 BDI1000 bdiPro-ARM7/9/9E
USI07-200204 BDI1000 bdiPro-XScale

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