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ZY1000 FAQs

ZY1000 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)




  1. What target specific software do I need to start debugging using ZY1000?


  2. Do I need to buy some other software?

    No. For embedded development with ZY1000 you need a GCC toolchain and a GDB debugger for your target.

  3. Are there any restrictions with respect to the number of users per unit ?

    No. However, it is obviously practical to have one ZY1000 per developer/user if you overlap a lot in time.

  4. Is my custom board supported by ZY1000 ?

    If your custom board is compatible with one of the eval boards supported by ZY1000, then yes. Otherwise you may have to tweak one of the existing target configuration scripts. There is probably a target configuration script that is very similar to your own board, so this may not involve very much work.

  5. What do I need to do to have all my peripherals up and running ?

    If the existing target configuration scripts do not precisely match your hardware, you may need to copy & modify them for your needs. This typically entails setting up IO registers, memory controllers, etc. and may involve detailed reading of datasheet for your hardware, but once done, these scripts usually never change.

  6. What support do I get included with the ZY1000?

    If you find that the ZY1000 has a problem, report it via the bug reporting procedures and if it turns out to be a problem with the product, we will of course include a fix in the next release of the firmware.

  7. What other support options does USI offer?

    If you are looking for help with writing target configuration scripts, training, etc. then USI offers consulting services in the embedded hardware and software field.

  8. Are firmware updates free?

    Any update of the firmware released in the first 12 months from the date of purchase will be provided for free. After 12 months, users must purchase a subscription to USI's Priority Access Program (Level 1) to continue receiving firmware updates.

  9. Is ZY1000 reliable? How was it tested?

    USI has a test farm of target hardware and executes an exhaustive test suite for all released versions ensuring that all officially released ZY1000 firmwares work flawlessly.

  10. Do I need one firmware file for each type of target?

    No. There is one firmware file for all supported target. Simply choose the configuration script for your target and go!

  11. Do I have to pay extra for additional targets?

    No. There is one firmware for all supported targets.

  12. What are the benefits of a network probe vs. lower cost USB devices ?

    From the developer perspective, one advantage of a network probe is that you don't have to be in the same room as the target for most of the things you are doing. Want to read kernel diagnostics? Use the serial channel, or just snoop that out of the kernel diagnostic buffer with a GDB script. Got an idea late at night that you want to try out from home? Keep your pajamas on; a VPN is a wonderful thing. Want to share a limited supply of early prototype boards across multiple developers? Sure is helpful if you don't have to move the board and a USB probe around. And of course, if you are building something big, it may not fit in the developer's office at all. USB probes are pretty finicky about talking to virtual machines. Network probes aren't. If your development environment is running in a virtual machine, the network probe is definitely the better way to go. For more information please refer to our Tool Talk 13-002.

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