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XDS560v2 System trace

XDS560v2 System Trace

XDS560 System Trace

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The Blackhawk XDS560v2 System Trace Emulator (BH560v2) is based on the new XDS560v2 system trace reference design (XDS560v2) from Texas Instruments. The XDS560v2 design is the next-generation of the high-performance XDS560-class technology first made available by Blackhawk with the USB560/LAN560 and XDS560 Trace.

The XDS560v2 design includes both high-speed USB 2.0 and 10/100Mbit Ethernet host interfaces, multi-color state and activity LEDs and a flexible, ribbon-ized coax JTAG cable. Along with traditional JTAG (IEEE 1149.1) the XDS560v2 adds support for IEEE 1149.7 (previously known as cJTAG) and system trace (STM), an interface on the TI heterogeneous multi-core (ARM + DSP) devices. If you are familiar with the Blackhawk USB560 or LAN560 products, you will already be familiar with this new emulator design.

As with our LAN560 product, the Ethernet connection of the BH560v2 allows developers share access to target boards without the need of another computer. Migrating from a LAN560 to the Blackhawk XDS560v2 is easy.

The System Trace capability is compliant to MIPI STP. For those that are not familiar, this expands to Mobile Industry Processor Interface System Trace Protocol. See www.mipi.org for more details. Access to this capability is provided by TI CTools enabled devices for debug and optimization of multi-core processors. This helps users look at the synchronization and timing between cores and on-chip peripherals in their application. For more information on the CTools, please refer to the TI Wiki site at: http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/CTools.

The BH560v2 meets all of the TI reference design features and requirements and extends (improves) capabilities by offering the following Enhanced Features.

POWER OPTIONS: The first and most important feature is the way in which the device is powered. The BH560v2 has the option to be powered from either the USB or POE (power over Ethernet) connectors. Yes, the unit can be powered solely from the USB; a great feature for you road warriors. And for LAN operation, the BH560v2 offers a 802.11af POE connector that can be powered from a POE enabled switch or available POE injector supply.

LED INDICATORS: We added dedicated power and USB activity LEDs, which are found on the current Blackhawk USB560m and LAN560 models. All LEDs are oriented on the same end panel so they can all be easily viewed during debug.

CONFIG AND TEST: For BH560v2 setup, configuration, and test, Blackhawk also includes a graphical user interface application (Bh560v2Config). Bh560v2Config makes it possible to easily setup and configure network settings, search for XDS560v2 devices on the local area network (LAN), assign a name to the units, and more. You can also perform simple tests, including JTAG scans of the target to verify communication.


  • Power Over Ethernet Option
  • Power Over USB Only Option
  • Additional Dedicated LEDs for Power and USB
  • LAN and USB Graphical Configuration & Diagnostic Tool

Standard Features of TI XDS560v2 (TMDSEMU560v2STM-UE) and Blackhawk XDS560v2

  • Supports Code Composer Studio v4.2 or later and all Ctools enabled devices
  • Flexible 12.5 inch JTAG cable with native 60-pin MIPI HSPT Target Cable
  • Includes 20-pin compact TI (cTI), 14-pin standard TI and 20-pin ARM Adapters
  • Supports JTAG 1149.1 and 1149.7
  • Auto-Adaptive T-clock (TCLK) up to 50MHz
  • Auto Sensing Target voltage range from 1.2v to 4.1v
  • JTAG Debug Isolation, JTAG loop-back Modes and Boot Mode EMU0 & EMU1
  • Supports 1-4 pin System Trace with 128 Mbytes of System Trace Buffer
  • Up to 100MHz export clock compliant to MIPI STP
  • Auto compensating calibration for edge jitter, channel skew and duty cycle
  • Adaptive receiver for setup/hold times up to 1.5ns
  • High-Speed USB 2.0 port @ 480Mbit/sec and 10/100 Ethernet port
  • Supports Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI)
  • Supports System Trace Protocol (STP) and High-speed Parallel Trace (HSPT)
  • Eight (8) tri-color status, state and activity LEDs

System Requirements and Compatibility
Operating Systems

  • Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7 (32-bit)
  • Windows® XP/Vista/7 (64-bit)
  • Linux

TI Processor Family Support

  • OMAP™ Application Processors
  • Sitara™
  • DaVinci™ Video Processors
  • C6000™ High Performance DSPs
  • C5000™ Low Power DSPs
  • C28xxx Digital Control Processors
  • ARM® Cortex™ A / R /M Microprocessors
  • ARM® 9 / 11 Microprocessors

Development Environments

  • Code Composer Studio v4.2 and later

Other Requirements

  • 2GHz or faster Pentium-class or equivalent PC
  • Local CD-ROM drive
  • Available USB and/or Ethernet port
  • At least 1 GB RAM


XDS560v2 System Trace

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USI13-2560BP      XDS560v2 System Trace (Bus-powered)                              $1495 Buy Now Button
USI13-2560 XDS560v2 System Trace (PoE Model) $1595 Buy Now Button
USI13-2560PS Power Supply for PoE Kit $100 Buy Now Button



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