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Isolation Adapter

Isolation Adapter


The Blackhawk Isolation Adapter is a device that connects between your JTAG Emulator and the JTAG connector on your target board. The adapter is designed to minimize and protect connected devices (PC/Emulator/Target) from ground loop voltage, harsh environments, and untested designs. The Isolation Adapter supports 3.3-5.0v targets and is available with standard TI 14-pin or compact TI 20-pin JTAG connections.

The Blackhawk Isolation Adapter provides backwards compatibility to standard TI debug connections. Therefore the adapter is compatible with TI XDS510 or XDS560-class JTAG emulator, new or old. However, it is recommended that you check with the emulator manufacturer.

Features & Specificiations

  • Supports I/O voltages of 3.3V/5.0V targets
  • Works with XDS510 and 560-class emulators
  • Designed using UL60950 and UL1577 standards
  • 1,500 Vrms Galvanic Isolation Voltage
  • PCB isolations clearance and creepage distance of 4mm
  • High speed operation: up to 30 MHz TCK
  • 25kV/us transient immunity
  • Logic powered from target - JTAG pin 5 (TVD)
  • Current consumption i 60-80 mA nominal (100mA max)
  • Digital Isolators Used: SI844x and ADuM1250



Isolation Adapters

Part Number Description   Price
USI13-CBL6 Standard TI 14-pin Isolation Adapter (BH-ADP-ISO14)

Used to isolate 14-pin JTAG emulators from 14-pin target boards $250

Blackhawk Isolation Adapter

USI13-CBL7 Compact TI 20-pin Isolation Adapter (BH-ADP-ISO20)

Used to isolate 20-pin cTI JTAG emulators from 20-pin cTI boards $250 Isolation_Adap_20_thumb


Pin-out Descriptions

Standard 14 pin
20 pin cTI (Compact TI)
†signal active low
† signal active low
* Not connected


Additional Information

Ultimate Solutions, Inc.
10 Clever Drive
Tewksbury, MA 01876 USA
Phone: 978.455.3383
Fax: 978.926.3091
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