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The power of two

 VOIP - Identifies and creates connections between two internet locations


  • Well known and implemented
  • Easy GUI creation
  • Very high user knowledge base

Nabto = "VOIP + HTTP(S)"




3 parts in system:

  • Browser Plug-in
  • Base station
  • Nabto Proxy
  • 1.DNS address of the device points to base station
  • 2.Awareness signal from proxy to base station
  • 3.Base station mediation
  • Web browser defaults to HTTP –which points to Base station.
  • Base station examines if plug-in is installed
  • User is guided through install process or redirected to nabto://



  • Binds a local UDP socket and examines its public internet IP and Port

UDP holepunching


  • FW2Transmit this information via the base station to/from both peers

UDP holepunching


  • Let both peers send packets to the other peer public IP and Port



UDP holepunching


  • Now the firewalls are open for inbound traffic from the remote peer
  • Reliable connections can be established on top of UDP



Other methods

  • UPNP
    - Ask NAT to create a port forwarding to device
  • TCP relay
    - Relay TCP connections via central server
    - (Shared connection is better than no connection)



Light weight version



  • Low footprint on Proxy (1kb and up)
  • Low CPU resource on Base station
  • Direct connection to Proxy
  • Central "layout" decision
  • XML-SOAP possible interface for M2M



No internet – no problem




HTML Device Driver

  • Graphical content = gif, jpg, png, tiff etc.
  • HTML templates
    - TPT or XLST
  • Mapping : Request URL -> Binary format
  • Mapping : Response -> template parameters\



Example : getTemperature




Light weight version







  • HTML rendering is moved from low resource device to high resource PC
  • Graphical content is not served from low resource device
  • Web server overhead is removed. Only low footprint UDP stack is necessary

Localization –same firmware


OEM's –in same firmware


Simple Logging, SMS and email


Caching possibility


Connection types

  • Nabto simple
    –Direct HTTP proxy connection
  • Nabto port forward/tunneling
    –Direct port forwarded connection between the client and device
  • Nabto VPN
    –Direct full VPN to device

Maximal Security

  • X509 certificate authentication
    –Both server and client challenge/response
  • Blowfish encryption
  • No trespassing
    –Firewall is first "punched" when both sides are authenticated
  • Direct connections
    –Nabto is not in the loop, no eavesdropping and maximal network performance

Mega scalability

  • The system is designed for maximal scalability
  • Direct data-connections =>
    –No central "network performance" issues
  • Use of DNS as base station locator =>
    –No central point of failure
    –Simple redundancy facilitation

Other uses

  • VPN-as-a-service
    –Create VPN connections via base station
  • Application-VPN
    –Create tunnels from every where to:
  • Databases
  • ERP systems
  • CRM systems

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