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Product Description
USI35-1000 uNabto Micro WEB-server Demo Kit ico_buynow
  • Includes Microchip's PICDEM-NET2 Development Kit
  • Wall mount power adapter (9v)
  • uNabto Micro WEB-server pre-installed





Nabto Securetunnel™

The solution consist of 3 basic components; the base station, a device client software, and sometimes a browser plug-in, if the communication is to a browser. The base station can be delivered as a hosted service, pure software delivery, or as a hardware box.

Nabto SecureBase™ X5

Pure software delivery, redundant version, max 100.000 devices. The operating system is Linux.

Nabto SecureBase™ X6

19" Rackmountable IBM Server x3550M2 Xeon E5506 2.13GHz 4MB L2, 2x 2GB, O/B H/S SAS/SATA 2.5", M5014, multiburner. The operating system is Linux.


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Nabto SecurePeer™ 1000

Pure software delivery. Software to devices, can be downloaded, in the requested flavor of operating system, for example Linux, Windows CE, Open WRT, etc.

Nabto SecurePeer™ 2000

Small hardware module with migrated Nabto functionality. With a minimum of effort, communication to an existing board via different BUS types, like CAN, MOD, E2I, USB, etc. can be enabled


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Nabto SecurePeer™ 3000 - DIN mountable module

Can be implemented in minutes, just connect it to LAN, a mobile router, etc. A number of vendor protocols are present.



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Nabto SecurePeer™ in a box 500 - Dual Router

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Nabto SecurePeer™ Web-tunneling version


Nabto SecurePeer™ P2P-VPN version



Nabto SecurePeer™ TCP tunneling version


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