Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Blunk Microsystems RTOS Bundle


Blunk Microsystem’s $5K RTOS Bundle is a per-seat annual subscription license that includes Windows based development tools, a full-featured embedded operating system, and a complete board support package with drivers and startup code. It is a turnkey solution for embedded software development on the selected target board.



 The embedded operating system modules are supplied as source code and built as libraries that can be easily included or excluded from your project.


 The bundle includes one seat of TargetTools, Blunk’s Windows-based IDE for embedded software development. TargetTools is faster and easier to use than general-purpose IDEs, such as Eclipse. It has a high-level source debugger that sits above GDB, a project manager that rebuilds projects based on time stamp and header file dependencies, advanced kernel-awareness, and debug-over-Ethernet support. Included components are:


  • CrossStep High-level source debugger
  • gBuild Project manager
  • TargetMon Advanced debug monitor


Board Support Packages

 The bundle includes one board support package that may be selected from the following list:


  • EA1788 BSP
  • EA3250 BSP
  • XP920T BSP

Altera Nios II


Power Architecture

  • phyCORE-MPC5200B BSP
  • MBX860 BSP
  • XP862T BSP


  • M5272C3 BSP
  • M5282LITE BSP
  • M5282EVB BSP
  • Avnet5282 BSP
  • phyCORE-MCF5485 BSP
  • M5474LITE BSP
  • M5475EVB BSP
  • M5485EVB BSP
  • M5249C3 BSP


Additional board support packages from the above list may be added to existing bundle licenses by paying a one-time fee of $5K.

For support for a board not listed above, contact Blunk Microsystems for an affordable quote on a custom board support package.


 TargetTools and the embedded software are licensed, not sold. Blunk grants the licensee a non-exclusive, worldwide, term license to use TargetTools and the embedded software on the number of seat(s) specified in the purchase order. Redistribution of source code is not allowed. There are no royalties for distribution of derived executable code.

For more detailed information, please visit Blunk Microsystem's Website


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